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The Performance Project is the most complete group training experience in the area and is open to athletes of all abilities, whether you are looking to set a PR or just want to finish your first race.

We see training as more than just logging miles. That’s why we create an environment where you can truly get more from your training by putting more into it. It’s why we provide a support system to every one of our athletes that includes valuable tools that elevate your training and allow you to perform your best.

We have fun. Training can be tough, but doing it with our group turns even the most challenging runs into, well, something you might even enjoy! We are a serious program that doesn’t take ourselves too seriously. You’re guaranteed to work hard, but also to have some fun.

  • What we do
    We are more than just a running and walking group. We are the most complete training experience in the area. We are people of all abilities. We are athletes who are trying this for the first time and we are athletes who win races. We are a TEAM who support each other from top to bottom. When you are ready to TRAIN there is only one choice! Whether you are getting ready to walk your first half marathon or trying to finally get that Boston Qualifying time, we are here to provide structure, encouragement, guidance and motivation with everything you will need and more. By offering fully supported workouts led by a team of head coaches and pace coaches, we will get you through every aspect of your training.
  • How we train
    You want a plan. Improved performance and conditioning result from specific workouts with guidance on intensity so that you’re putting in the right kind of effort at the right times. Our training plan is intentionally structured as a strategic progression of objective-driven workouts designed by a certified coaching team who are experienced and successful runners and walkers.
  • Why we are different
    Our training program offers runners and walkers a space to become stronger, more efficient athletes. Through our program you can take a more effective, customized, and holistic approach to your training, to build a program that works for YOU!
  • What is included
    18-week comprehensive training program: Our program is designed for both runners and walkers to get you through your preparation AND your race. We focus on structure and safety to maximize performance while minimizing the risk of injury. Our 18-week training program will begin on Tuesday, July 9, 2024 and will target the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and Half Marathon on November 9, 2024. While our schedules will be set up for Indy, our programs can always be used to prepare for other races with mileage recommendations and some great company for your training. Fully supported in-person training sessions: We will meet twice per week for structured workouts led by our coaches: – Tuesdays at 6:30 PM for our targeted workout session – Saturdays at 7:30 AM for our long-distance mileage Weekly emails, updates, and exclusive member access: Each week you will receive a full training calendar that includes planned workouts, mileage and additional information to support your training. Participants in our program will have the option to choose from The Performance Project gear: Participants in our program can choose from The Performance Project gear or make a donation to the Wasson Way trail through The Performance Project. Exclusive discount at Buckeye Running Company: Members receive an exclusive discount to Buckeye Running Company. This discount will always give you great pricing on all the gear you need to get you through your training. *Certain exclusions may apply as Buckeye Running Company honors the MAP (minimum advertised price) policy of their suppliers, including Brooks and Moving Comfort.
  • Who can join
    The Performance Project: Training Edition is open to athletes of all experience, whether you are looking to set a PR or just wanting to “finish” your first race. We suggest athletes in our Marathon Training Program be able to complete 6 miles in a single workout with a total weekly mileage of 15 miles. We suggest athletes in our Half Marathon Training Program be able to complete 3 miles in a single workout with a total weekly mileage of 10 miles. Due to many Marathons and Half Marathons requiring that participants maintain a minimum 16-minute/mile pace, we ask that you use these same guidelines to help ensure a successful program.


Training Begins - Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Our in-person training programs start for our Fall 2024 season

Targeted Workout Sessions - Tuesdays: 6:30pm

We meet weekly on Tuesday evenings for speed and endurance focused workouts led by our coaches.

Long Distance Mileage - Saturdays: 7:30am

Saturday mornings are reserved for our coach-led long mileage with occasional workouts mixed in.


Registration is now Open!

  • Fall 2024: Training Edition

    Valid for 18 weeks


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